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RE: Standards

From: Jason O'Brien <jaobrien@fttnet.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 96 15:37:00 CDT
To: "'www'" <www-html-request@w3.org>, "'www_list'" <www-html@w3.org>
Message-ID: <326BDEF0@smtpgate.ftt.com>

>>When you put your foot down and tell the "big guys" that you're more
>>interested in standards compliance than the latest flash-`n-glitz.


EXACTLY!   But it can't just be lone consumer out there doing this --   
besides, consumers out there are more interested in glitz (what do they   
care if there are agreed upon HTML standards)  -- that's what I thought   
the purpose of this group was -- to put THEIR collective foot down and   
demand standards compliance -- what is being done in this regard?  This   
is the real issue I have been trying to get at for the longest time...

Jason O'Brien

Written with a smile...
(Just an interesting observation from those who criticize me for   
promoting that appearance as at least as important as content -- funny   
that your e-mail signatures sometimes take up more than half your e-mail,   
with cute little designs like :--))) and all that fun stuff -- isn't this   
also frivolous and unnecessary and only get in the way of your   
message???????? Something to ponder....)
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