Re: RE : The Final Word on Browsers and the Future

From: "Scott E. Preece" <>

   To ask a question I asked before, do you think it offensive (in the
   sense that started this discussion) that TV programs display notices at
   the beginning saying they are in color and/or have stereo sound and/or
   closed-captioning, even though some people lack the technology to enjoy
   those features?

Do they tell me that to view this the best way, I have to switch to a
Sony 19", made 1995 or later?  No...  Is it still viewable or hearable
with an old B/W TV with mono sound?  Most probably, and in that case,
I would just ignore it, *unless* it was place right in the middle of
my screen (which would be very annoying).

There is a sign for TV programs in stereo, at least here in Sweden.  It's
a small OO in yellow color, up in the right corner.  It's very discrete,
and I don't mind it at all.

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