Re: Netscape 4.0 press release at their server

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> > Quoting:
> > 
> > "Improved user interface, including context-sensitive help JavaScript
> > style sheets, absolute positioning, layers, and HTML fonts"
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> > 'JavaScript style sheets'?(!)
> Pray tell, where does it say ``JavaScript style sheets''?  I only see
> ``Supports absolute positioning, layering, style sheets, and HTML
> fonts'', and: ``Style sheets and fonts provide authors with the
> control to make their pages look exactly the way they intended.''
> But nothing about ``JavaScript style sheets''.  So there actually _is_
> a difference between JavaScript and style sheets in NS Navigator :-).

It *is* in there.  From the Communicator FAQ at

What new layout features are supported in Netscape Navigator 4.0? 
Navigator 4.0 supports several new layout features, including: 

 * Absolute positioning. Content designers can now specify precisely where a 
   block of HTML (which can contain images, links, rich text, plug-ins, and 
   applets) is placed on a page using x and y coordinates. 

 * Layering. Designers can specify the z-order of objects so that blocks of 
   HTML can be layered above or below other blocks of HTML. 

 * Style sheets. Using style sheets, Web page designers can specify a 
   specific look for their pages. All of the properties of these features are 
   reflected into JavaScript, making it easy to create exciting, dynamic 
   pages. For example, an author can change the pixel position or z-order of 
   a block of HTML, or even its visibility, to create movement or animation 
   on the page. JavaScript and style sheets enable dynamic manipulation of 
   the styles, and thus the entire look of the page.
> > I couldn't find 'CSS' used *anywhere* in their press release.
> That's true, though.

I could find no specific mention of CSS either. However, that's apparently 
not unusual, just try looking back through the archives of someplace like
C|Net.  CSS is often referred to simply as "style sheets".  (Please note: I
said it doesn't seem to be uncommon, I did NOT say it was right.  :-)

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