Z-Order In Image Maps

Working with Image maps I came across confusion as to how the 
following should be handled:

<IMG SRC="testimgp.jpg" WIDTH=590 HEIGHT=387 USEMAP="#MAP">
<area shape=rect coords="100,100,400,400" alt="Area 1" href="area1.html">
 <area shape=rect coords="200,200,300,300" alt="Area2" href="area2.html">

Is Area #1 supposed to be obscruing Area #2, or is Area 2 supposed to 
be on top of Area #1?

STandard behaviour is to have Area #1 obscruing Area #2, but is that 
supposed to be what happens?  It doesn't it seem intuitive that as 
areas are created they are put further behind in the Z-Order.
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Received on Wednesday, 23 October 1996 18:14:48 UTC