Re: %flow and headers and address

   It'd be useful to know that a page contains say, MSIE, Netscape, and HTML 
   3.2 based code, by running it past a validator using said DTD. Apart from 
   the fact it vaildates, you know what declaration types are used, and can 
   treat the document accordingly.

   This could also point out things like 'You are using HTML 1.0 code that 
   has been depreciated, along with HTML 3.2 code.', so you can be warned if 
   you are making a mistake.

I can't immediately think of any easy way to pass this information
from the DTD itself into the parser and back out again to human eyes.

But it should be fairly easy to take the output of sgmls or SP and
filter it through something which would match GIs against those from
known lists and flag the ones from differing DTDs.


Received on Tuesday, 1 October 1996 16:59:44 UTC