Re: TAG closing! I got proof now! :)

| I cannot see where you got this idea from. A HTML 2.0 browser will
| probably display most of a HTML 3.0 document, but it cannot be
| to respond to markup that hadn't been invented when the HTML 2.0
| browser was written.
| > Its got lots of content, and no its not commented, its CDATA ...
| > comments don't exist in CDATA ...  only the closing tag of the
| > or its parents...
| But a HTML 2.0 browser will skip over the <style> start-tag because
| doesn't recognise it, and therefore will interpret the comment as
| Which is the "right" thing to do, IMHO.

precisely ... and thats why a 3.2 document will work in a 2.0

| > But I find my self making the EXACT same tag mistake every time I
| > a new page ... always forgetting the closing STYLE...  its so easy!
| > (and any parser I wrote would be smart enough to end it for me! :)
| > [...] the SGML crap...  
| Then do what I suggest and use the proper tools. And if you are
unable to
| learn HTML and/or SGML, then there really isn't anything wrong with
| in another field. 

Proper tools?  Are you making money on HTML editors/validators or

Received on Friday, 4 October 1996 18:10:48 UTC