RE: The Netscape / Microsoft / Future Quagmire

At 9:12a -0500 10/18/96, Jason O'Brien wrote:
>Yes -- exactly my point -- the more people that design for the latest
>generation of browsers, the more people will upgrade and the closer we'll
>come to a standard -- frankly, I don't care who wins this browser war --
>I never wanted to see Microsoft win, but their 3.0 browser was an
>incredible product -- and why not take advantage of the tags they

Because IE3 is still platform-specific. If you are providing a web page
that is only of use to Win95/NT people (Win32 SDK tips, or something),
then that is fine. If your content is of interest to anyone else at all,
then you are creating a serious problem. See my "MSN horrors" message...

> In time, people will realize that to stay with the future of the
>Internet you must advance with it -- I'm tired of people saying the web
>should only be text -- a great web page is as much about presentation as
>it is content (this is true with almost anything) -- and a truly
>outstanding web page is the seamless synthesis of the two.

True. However, web designers MUST stand guard against feelings like
"this-is-new-so-I-must-use-it". Just because <frame> exists it certainly
does not mean that every page will benefit from frames. The same is true
of animated gifs, and anything else for which gilding the lily adds not
a whit to the usefulness of the page. You want to HELP, not HINDER.
By creating a web page you are providing a *service*, yes?

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