Re: Internationalized CLASS attributes

   There is another side to this problem as well. Suppose I put 
   class=name as an attribute and a Frenchman puts class=nom.
   Sematically these are the same, but there is no way that case conversion
   will help to determine this.

   What we really need is something, like the RFCs relating to REV and REL,
   which suggest a set of useful class names that could be applied by anyone,
   irrespective of their country of origin. Admittedly most people would not
   then be able to use their native language to name such transportable
   classes, but the up-side would be that they would be able to identify
   information of the class they require without having to search for all the
   possible names for the class.

See article on machine translation in the Oct WIRED. Wouldn't it be
nice if there was a namespace for semantic equivalents...


Received on Friday, 18 October 1996 11:14:06 UTC