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RE: The Final Word on Browsers and the Future

From: Walter Ian Kaye <walter@natural-innovations.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 17:41:18 -0700
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To: www-html@w3.org
At 4:59p -0500 10/18/96, Murray Altheim wrote:
>>Why access it through Mosaic, when Microsoft Internet
>>Explorer is better?
>Better through your eyes. And I assume you're on a supported platform with
>enough RAM. Not everyone is. Also, notice that MS/NS don't really keep
>their non-Win95/WinNT browsers quite so up-to-date?

Actually, Netscape does! Well, with the exception of 2.0 Gold, anyway.
But once I saw 3.0 Gold, it no longer bothered me, as their editor didn't
strike me as particularly useful, especially in light of its extra 9MB of
RAM! I'll stick with 3.0 Standard, at half the footprint. :-)

>That's the fault of the content providers, witness my problem hitting the
>golive site. Glitz is great until you lose customers.

Whenever I hit a site that ticks me off, I email the webmaster with a clip
of the offending HTML, and explain why it offends (such as text forced into
a table 600 pixels wide). Once in a while, it actually helps!

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