Re: The Netscape / Microsoft / Future Quagmire

At 4:21p -0400 10/17/96, Paul Prescod wrote:

>For every site that could benefit from shockwave, there are ten that
>could benefit from robust, standardized handling of footnotes, or math,
>or hypertext links, or style sheets, or meta-data, or ...

Speaking of meta-data, has everyone checked out <>?
I've "sauced my site", and now give users a choice of *3* site maps: text,
table, and HotSauce (3-D fly-through for Win95/NT and MacOS PPC/68K). I put
the "text" choice first, for quick access to Lynx users (and left out my
usual title graphics so that it's the first link on that page). Funny thing
is, I figured most people would go for the text version (for speed), but I
guess curiosity or eyecandy desire makes the spread pretty even across all
three choices. Which is good, since I feel better about the time I spent
creating those choices! <G>


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