Re: Spyglass HTML Validator 1.0 Availability

>On Wed, 16 Oct 1996, Murray Altheim wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> I'm proud to announce the release of the Spyglass HTML Validator, version
>> 1.0. This is a Windows 95 application (sorry, but no other OS are currently
>> supported). Note that this is not a beta or feature- or date-crippled
>> version; it's a free product.
>> The Spyglass HTML Validator contains compiled versions of four popular HTML
>> DTDs:
>>     1. The IETF HTML 2.0 DTD
>>     2. The Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 DTD
>      [ also W3C's HTML 3.2 and the Spyglass HTML 2.0 Extended... -MA]
>You are supporting IE, but why not any of the NS DTD's?  My feeling is
>that if you are going to do one, you had better do them all.

There are no Netscape DTDs, at least that I'm aware of. If you're speaking
of DTDs created by third parties, I don't feel anyone outside of Netscape
can create a DTD for their products that could be called authoritive. I've
on several occasions tried to prod Netscape into producing something (even
so far as phoning and talking to someone in engineering who didn't know
what a DTD was), as I'd dearly like to include a Netscape DTD in the
product, but as someone alluded to recently, they seem to be on record as
not believing in DTDs. Which is akin to not believing your house (since
they are in a sense an "HTML company") has any foundation.

    All the talk of standards they promulgate is nonsense so long
    as they can't or won't publish those standards. They are not a
    standards company so long as they don't publish the proprietary
    specifications that their products claim to follow. I personally
    don't believe they use any internal DTD, and have wondered if
    anyone in the company is capable of writing one.
</GOAD>  <!-- God, I hope that goads _someone_ there to reply... :-) -->

I'm sure I'll have to repeat this (I already have privately several times),
so I'll shout it:


How's that? Release 1.1 could include one if one existed. Thomas Reardon at
MS promised me a copy of MSIE 3.0 DTD when it's finished.


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