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> - Change all text about "discussion paper" to "experimental RFC"
> - State that purpose is to gather experience with tagged links


> - Delete or "make old" references to HTML 3.0, make sure the
>   document fits reasonably well with HTML 3.2 (I think ID got lost?)

Since this is to be an experimental (forward looking) rather than existing
practice (backward looking) document, the fact that something is not in
HTML 3.2 is not a problem.

Leave ID in there; it's in the current Coagar (forward looking) draft:

 <!ENTITY % style
        "id     ID      #IMPLIED    -- document wide unique id --
         class  CDATA   #IMPLIED    -- comma list of class values --
         style  CDATA   #IMPLIED    -- associated style info --"

> - Include link styles for embedded stuff like Java scripts?

And style sheets, of course, see for the link relationships used.

> If I were running an experiment on this, I would also add something
> stronger than the current "maybe, maybe not" language, something like:
>   A browser that wishes to participate in this experiment should:
>   - Display a toolbar listing all LINK elements from the document head
>     while viewing a document, with style depending on their REL and/or
>     REV values

All links, or just the ones for which a button is appropriate?

> It's nice to tell whether someone is playing the game or not,
> ESPECIALLY if it's an experiment - it's hard to tell if the experiment
> was a success if you can't identify the players, so it actually makes
> sense to apply stricter conformance to an Experimental RFC than to
> a standards-track one.....


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