Re: The Netscape / Microsoft / Future Quagmire

| Scott E. Preece wrote:
| > 
| > It's a constant reminder that your choice has limited your access to
| > some provider's data.
| It's a constant reminder that I *MUST* use a platform that is Microsoft's
| in order to access some providers' data. ...
| > The Web is a major step forward in platform-independent integration of
| But it IS *NOT* platform independent any more!  If a page claims to be
| viewable only with MSIE, then I have to be running either Win95 or
| WinNT.

Well, non-Windows versions are supposed to be forthcoming, but, yes,
that's part of the equation.  It's a marketplace war.

| Will the Network Computer succeed?  It depends on Microsoft.  What's
| the betting we'll get some new "essential" features for the web which
| are hard for NCs to achieve?  eg.  extremely memory intensive and
| require a lot of RAM to work anything like quickly enough - and that
| the only such machines capable of running it will have a minimum spec
| of PPro 200 with Windows97 or Windows TNG or whatever the successor to
| WinNT 4 is going to be called.

Actually, I would expect Microsoft to simply plan to take over the NC
market, too.  Why should they care?  I don't remember the name of the
putative product, but I believe they've been talking about a
Windows-for-settops product already.

| > The Web is much to young for anyone to be saying "I've found my browser,
| > I'm going to stick to it, and I don't want to know what I'm missing."
| But it _is_ at the stage of "I can't read these pages because Microsoft
| & Netscape have decided that my platform is not worthy of their
| support" and they are pushing their very latest extensions to content
| providers to ensure that their product is the #1 browser on the net
| by having no competition by forcing the competition out of business.
| It's called a monopoly, and it's what Microsoft has at the moment.

Actually, I'd say it's called competition and Microsoft and Netscape are
pushing it for all it's worth (and probably both doing better than they
would if they weren't both there).


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