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Jaargang 2, nummer 25 (16/10/1996)

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  1. Internet awareness nearly universal
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1. Internet awareness nearly universal

More than 93% of 1,000 consumers surveyed for Advertising Age/Market
Facts have heard of the Internet, compared to 82% in 1995. Some 82%
said they had heard of the World Wide Web (44.7% in 1995). The survey
indicated that 27% of the general public have been online in the past
6 months. Of the respondents who said they has been online at least
once, 80% said it was in the past 6 months.

Consumers in general are more interested in using interactive media to
conduct research than they are in participating in entertainment
activities like watching movies on demand. In 1994, 45% of respondents
said they would be interested in on-demand movies or TV programs and
28.1% indicated interest in e-mail. This year, 42.6% of respondents
cited e-mail, while the interest in movies or TV on demand fell to
35.8%.  Consumers are most interested in researching products (53.2%),
doing research for school or work was cited by 50.1%.  Educational
programs scored 44.2% interest. Commercial applications like shopping
trailed. Of all respondents, 23.5% are interested in going online to
shop for clothing or personal items. This figure has stayed roughly
the same over the years. Only 18.2% expressed interest in shopping
online for groceries.

(Advertising Age, 14/10/1996)

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