Re: Netscape 4.0 press release at their server

   It's an interesting situation. When Netscape first came out they were 
leaders and pushed the web forward. We saw page after page with "This 
page best viewed with Netscape" plastered on them. Now, however, it seems 
that Netscape is holding back progress. How many web developers of large 
sites are not able to start using CSS because they know that most of the 
people coming to their site are using Netscape. And CSS is not the only 
thing. I'd love to start using the OBJECT tag, and I'd really like to be 
able to replace all of my GIF files with PNG files. But I can do neither 
because I know that most of the people who come to my site are using 
Netscrape. So what are we to do? Are we to now start putting "This page 
designed for MS Internet Explorer" on our pages? (I've seen this, BTW). I 
don't know, but I wish there were some way we could force Netscape to 
work with us instead of blatantly working against us.

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