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 From: Dave Carter <>
| On Thu, 17 Oct 1996, Scott E. Preece wrote:
| > Why, oh why, has our industry (with the notable exception of Apple) been
| > unable to figure out how to do typed files?
| > 
| Wait a minute, I think you will find that Acorn RISCOS has a perfectly
| good system of file types. And they have a similar profile in my country
| to that which Apple has in yours. Except they don't lose as much money.

Sorry - I should have restricted my comments to the major commercial
personal computer OSs in the US market (:-)...  Certainly there have
been lots of OSs in other areas that did have typed files (areas such as
Lisp workstations and office automation systems, for instance, as well
as research systems).

Apple, by the way, just reported that it *did* make money this quarter.


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