On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Michael Lee wrote:

> I wondered if you had heard about NetObjects Fusion. It's a great new tool
> for creating Web sites. Uses complex HTML tables to give you pixel-perfect
> control over page design. Kinda like PageMaker for the Web. Really excellent
> stuff.
> Check out the NetObjects Fusion site ( for
> more info and a 30-day eval download (for 32-bit Windows machines, but
> they promise a Mac version by the end of the year).  


(I hope you don't mind me using your first name, since you used mine so
freely)... first of all, "pixel-perfect control over web design" is
impossible. It goes against the philosophy and every current implementation
of HTML and is definitely a hindrance to the current movement of making the
Web an interopable medium. What you suggest your product can do is something
it should not, in all honesty, even ATTEMPT to do. I suggest you pay a visit
to the World Wide Web Consortium's web server ( before
you start marketing products that go against the Web's basic philosophy and
try to unbalance the Web community.

I find this behaviour to be at least unorthodox and definitely rude. There
are some guidelines to follow when designing web sites, and your product is
in clear vilation of these. I find it at least insulting that a software
manufacturer would do this and publicize his product through a randomly
grabbed database of email addresses.

I will be forwarding this message to a couple of related mailing lists and
posting it to one or two newgroups, since I hope it will reach as many of
the people you have contacted as I can.

I'm sorry I can't test your product but all of the computers I work on at
home and at work run some form of Unix, a platform you seem to be completely
oblivious of.

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