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Re: Composite DTD

From: Joe English <joe@trystero.art.com>
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 11:26:59 PDT
Message-Id: <9610041827.AA08712@trystero.art.com>
To: www-html@w3.org

Foteos Macrides <MACRIDES@SCI.WFBR.EDU> wrote:

> 	What is involved in registering a DTD, so that the ultimate
> Consensus Composite DTD (CCDTD) might be made selectable via the
> online validation services (I tried to induce Kinder, Gentler to
> fetch a DTD via a URL in the DOCTYPE declaration, and nothing I
> tried worked 8-)?

KGV uses SP, which (normally) supports URLs in system identifiers a la:

    <!DOCTYPE MyDocType
	SYSTEM "http://www.my.site/dtd/mydoc.dtd"


    <!DOCTYPE MyDocType
	PUBLIC "-//me//DTD Mine//EN"

but when I try this I get "URL not supported by this version".
(I presume that this refers to the URL storage manager in SP.)

I'm sure Gerald Oskoboiny would be happy to add
PUBLIC "-//www-html/DTD HTML Consensus Composite//EN"
to the KGV catalog if we asked nicely though...

--Joe English

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