Re: Netscape 4.0 press release at their server

   From: (Tom Magliery)
| "This page best viewed with" is an ironic step backwards in document
| interchangeability.  Before The Web, that information was given out using
| only 4 bytes of data, not 30 or 40.  And it appeared in the document's
| meta-information -- the filename -- not in the body of the document itself,
| so it was usually easier to get to.  ".DOC" was (and still is) quite a
| convenient way to say "This page best viewed with Microsoft Word."

*wrong*  The .doc extension is also commonly used for Framemaker
documents and for Interleaf documents, at least.

Why, oh why, has our industry (with the notable exception of Apple) been
unable to figure out how to do typed files?


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