Re: Running Applications

Stuart Young wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Oct 1996, Bob Jernigan wrote:
> > This can be done but do you really want to?  Just to be sure I know
> > what you're asking, you want to configure your browser so that when
> > you click a url like "http://disk.destroyer.ugh/erasedsk.exe", the
> > executable will immediately destroy your disk.  Is that what
> > you want?
> I believe he's intending to use this on local/company intranet where all 
> data is a known quantity, not on the general WWW, where anything could 
> happen.
The problem with the intranet is that many intranets allow user to
connect to the Internet.  If you can be sure that the firewall crew
will block dangerous references you may be ok.  I had .exe applications
for awhile but turned the off a couple of years ago because I couldn't
guarantee that something wouldn't leak through.


Received on Friday, 11 October 1996 10:03:20 UTC