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>There is another side to this problem as well. Suppose I put  class=name as an
>attribute and a Frenchman puts class=nom.
>Sematically these are the same, but there is no way that case conversion will
>to determine this.
>What we really need is something, like the RFCs relating to REV and REL, which
>suggest a set of useful class names that could be applied by anyone,
>of their country of origin. Admittedly most people would not then be able to
>their native language to name such transportable classes, but the up-side would
>that they would be able to identify information of the class they require
>having to search for all the possible names for the class.

So why not have elements for this? For example, <name>, <person>, etc?
Tag soup is no more a mess than tag-and-attribute soup, IMHO.

Furthermore, having to use "internationally standarized" classes for an 
element would keep us from using our own classes on the same element.

Charles Taylor

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