Re: RE : The Final Word on Browsers and the Future

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| And even then, the fonts used on a Mac, or on a PC, or on a Sparc, or on
| a VAX, aren't necessarelly represented the same way, and often look pretty
| ugly on such pages on systems other than the kind the page was created on.
| I've seen those...
| There is no way to get it right for everyone, except by *not* having the
| spiffy "layout" all over the place...

So, because we cannot be correct for everyone, we should not take worry
about being correct for anyone?  If I can provide a guide that is useful
to 90% of my readers, then 90% of my readers are better off than they
would be otherwise and the other 10% are only marginally worse off than
they would have been otherwise (their resizing may be a little too much
or too little).  Now, if the failure in the other 10% cases really
pisses them off, that might not be a gaiend up being a net loss, but in
this particular matter I don't think that's very likely.


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