Re: <IMAGE>? <TT> == <I>? toHell(NS)

| Logic says there is no way to leave TT open? Is it written in a DTD
| that "TT must look precisely like output from a teletypewriter, which
| has no italic, bold or underline capabilities"? Which monospaced font
| to use with TT is left to the browser; if that font is Courier and
| an italic form, is it logical to make unneeded dictates about whether
| or not an author is *allowed* to specify it?
| Logically, the tool serves the user, not vice versa.

Thank goodness, your logic isn't working today.  Think about what you
said and please tell me we are not talking about the same thing.

If the DTD says that <I> can be contained in <TT> then so be it, if it
says it can't, then it can't, this is how I expect a browser to handle

in a case where DTD prohibits an <I> in a <TT>:

<TT>hello <I>good-bye</TT> maybe?</I>


<TT>hello <!-- error I -->good-bye</TT> maybe?<!-- error /I -->

but in a DTD that does support <I> in <TT> and vise versa I expect

<TT>hello <I>good-bye</TT> maybe?</I>

to become:

<TT>hello <I>good-bye</I></TT> maybe?<!-- error /I -->

because I have to believe that SGML does not support intertwined tags,
if it does, then I might have to expect this to result:

<TT>hello <I>good-bye</I></TT><I> maybe?</I>

Or maybe that is how one browser would like to support it?  I don't
know, but this is the stuff I want to know...  I want the browser I use
to help me find errors, and so I really care about how it processes
HTML.  Unlike some, I always look over my pages with my browser, MSIE,
before letting too many people look at it...  but since no two browsers
are too consistent, the thing MSIE is relaxed on, NN screws up behind
my back, and I do not have the time to check some of this trivial stuff
with yet a third source, one who likely doesn't write a browser/...

Received on Tuesday, 29 October 1996 19:02:40 UTC