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Re:html info

From: Graeme Kennedy <graeme@seercom.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 14:24:25 -0800
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To: www-html@w3.org
At 9:50 AM -0800 10/21/96, pris sears was kind enough to write:

]Hi, folks - I have put together some web pages concerning the 'browser
]wars', if anyone wants to take a look, check out
]Comments, additions, critiques, etc. are welcome.

I like it. I've been watching this thread in various lists and newsgroups for a couple of years, now, and agree with the principle that a professional site is not highly dependant on a specific browser or platform. Particularly if content is critical.

I have created a link from one of my non commercial pages to your site with an icon mocking the 'netscape now' or 'explorer now' buttons.  It's an 'any HTML' button.

Maybe we can start at trend? I had thought of making the link to w3.org, or browserwatch.com but find pris' page to have better dialogue, and this makes the purpose of the icon more clear.

The site: http://www.seercom.com/SUS/432
The icon: http://www.seercom.com/SUS/432/anybrowser.gif


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