Re: The Netscape / Microsoft / Future Quagmire

At 2:28p -0400 10/18/96, Sunil Mishra wrote:

>Try running netscape on a
>macintosh. You are guaranteed a crash within a half hour or so. So you
>would expect me to upgrade to netscape and have my macintosh crash?

I run Nav3.0 Standard on my 6100/60, and it is solid! 2.0 was awful (in
more ways than one), but "the third time's the charm." Oh, I've also taken
the tip of using a RAMdisk for my cache -- dunno how much of a factor that
might be. I also recently reinstalled my OS, which fixed a lot... :-)
Oh, also am running 7.5.1, 24MB ramdoubled to 48MB, and have 12MB allocated
to Nav3. And I have 3 rows of inits march across my 17" monitor at startup!
NCC really did a great job with 3.0, stability-wise. Email sucks, but I'm
going to register Eudora Pro as my mailto: protocol helper, which should
help. Ooh, that gives me an idea -- I'm gonna write to Steve Dorner, and
suggest that Eudora have an option to register itself! That'd be cool.

>A page is made up of
>content parts - a title, a logo, a copyright, some text, some footnotes, a
>search form, a navigation bar etc. We recognize these elements, usually
>without any effort, because of the visual layout. For a program to
>recognize them, there has to be meta-data available.

FWIW, I'd be happy to add such info to my HTML. But why would some program
need to recognize my navigation elements? Or is that to filter out those

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