Re: We Need Your Help!!!

   Please, read this message over - this is not an ads or something like that.
   We are living in the South Urals, Russia and we are trying to connect our
   society, our people to the Internet by new technologies - just to have
   normal conditions to work with this Great Net. What we have now is just a
   mockery - sometimes 25 bytes/sec (!!!). But new equipment is very expensive.
   So we are trying to collect  the sum we need by donations of persons holding
   the same views. If you  sympathise our ideas and consider it  possible
   to send us some money - it would be accepted with warm gratitude.

In the meantime, the services of the WebMail server are at your

Anyone with email can request pages by sending a command to saying GET followed by the URL

You can send the command HELP for more details.

Details for the IP-enabled are at
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