BANNER and Cougar

So I was perusing the Cougar DTD because I needed a doctype for a document
in which I was going to use both OBJECT and BANNER.
<URL:> (really wish the
W3C would get rid of their case-sensitive server)

I find that BANNER is left out of the experimental DTD.  I think it's a
shame because it was a useful tag (and does what most people are using
frames for, a non-scrolling toolbar/banner) and I've used it elsewhere. 
Can anyone tell me why it was left out?  

I guess I'm either going to have my document be "unvalidatable" or have to
use FIG instead of OBJECT or have to drop BANNER.  Neither of the trade
offs are appealing. * PGP * Blue-Ribbon * Lynx 2.6 * comp.advocacy@NYU
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Received on Saturday, 19 October 1996 17:28:40 UTC