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"OWL" Entailment

(Partial) Regrets

[ACTION-18] use case on !ASK in FILTERS to emulate negation

[ACTION-20] a query using CONSTRUCT in the FROM clause.

[ACTION-27] Ask in DERI about whether RDF Forms/pushback uses WHERE in updates

[ACTION-29] Provide Foaf use case on wiki

[ACTION-30] Provide 3 uses cases on wiki

[ACTION-33] Trying to sort the SPARQL/Update issues.

[ACTION-36] Some minort change proposal for the introduction

[ACTION-38] Re: Agenda 2009-06-16

[BlankNodeRefs] Questions on blank node refs

[Fwd: Re: F&R freezable?]

[ISSUE-30] Suggestions for HTTP protocol updates

[ISSUE-8] subqueries and datasets

[limit per resource] implementation experience and/or concerns?

[Pragmas] Pragmas as an extensibility point?

[RESOLVED] Re: SPARQL WG comments on rdf:text

[snip] subqueries and datasets

A review of rdf:text from a SPARQL perspective (1st draft)

ACTION-24: aggregate functions with multiple answers

ACTION-25 : Design template page

ACTION-26 fill example design template

added agenda item: survey (was: SPARQL WG Agenda - Apr. 21, 2009)

Advanced warning - no chair available for Tuesday's call, call at-risk

Agenda 2009-06-09

Agenda 2009-06-16


attendance at SPARQL F2F

Audience for the F&R

Can results of a WBS be made publicly available once the survey is underway?

Comments F&R

Condorcet graph

Constructing containers and collections

Correction ISSUE-29

CURIE permits restrictions

Data loading cases


Editors appointed for SPARQL features & rationale doc: Kjetil Kjernsmo and Alexandre Passant

Errata to SPARQL-QL-TR


F&R document

F2F raw minute logs

F2F1 agenda


Features & rationale shortname

features for this week's teleconference & plan for April

features that won't be on the survey

Formalising DESCRIBEs; the result graph

Fwd: Security Concerns section added to Query_by_reference

GRAPH { ... } & subqueries Re: [ISSUE-8] subqueries and datasets

How to do the SPARQL WG minutes

Implementing negation

Implicit vs. Explicit Grouping (Aggregates)


Introduction of myself

Lee's feature proposal

Links to actuall implementations (Re: Review of F&R doc)

Minutes from April 14 SPARQL WG teleconference

Minutes of Day 1 of F2F1 available

Minutes, Day 2 F2F1

More fulltext advocacy (was Re: Lee's feature proposal)

More subquery questions - BASE & PREFIX

Move data between graphs

negation (was: Question regarding subselect)

No teleconference this Tuesday

OT: Keysigning in Bristol

Parameterized Inference - starting mail discussion

picking our features

potential second F2F at W3C Technical Plenary

Potential text for time-permitting features in F&R

ProjectExpression andAssignment equivalence

ProjectExpressions examples

ProjectExpressions without concat

Question about SPARQL tests

Question regarding subselect

rdf:text review

Reflections on Update


Regrets - 2009/04/07

Repetitive DELETE, real UPDATE

Requesting input for the Features and Rational document

Review of F&R doc

Security Concerns section added to Query_by_reference

service descriptions

Some comments on F&R

Some comments on F&R (2)

SPARQL telecon agenda - 7-April 2009

SPARQL telecon agenda for Apr 25, 2009 - 90 minutes

SPARQL WG - Survey now open - please respond

SPARQL WG Agenda - Apr. 14, 2009

SPARQL WG Agenda - Apr. 21, 2009

SPARQL WG Agenda - Tuesday 2009-06-30

SPARQL WG agenda, Tues. June 2, 2009

SPARQL WG Agenda, Tuesday, June 23

SPARQL WG comments on rdf:text

SPARQL WG minutes for April 28, 2009

SPARQL WG minutes from 16-June-2009

SPARQL WG minutes from 2009-06-09

SPARQL WG minutes from 21 April

SPARQL WG Minutes from 23 June 2009

SPARQL WG Minutes from 7-Apr

SPARQL WG Minutes from May 26, 2009

SPARQL WG minutes, 2009-05-19

SPARQL WG minutes, 2009-06-02

SPARQL WG Survey plan - input desired

SPARQL WG telecon agenda: Tues 19-May

SPARQL WG telecon agenda: Tues 26-May


SPARQL/Update Use Cases

Straw schema for the Algebra

surprise absence next week

The smaller bites (was Re: Lee's feature proposal)

Tuesday's SPARQL teleconference CANCELLED

Tuesday's teleconference pre-agenda

U.S. F2F location

UK F2F Location


Updating the Semantic Web FAQ

XML Syntax

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