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On Tuesday 09 June 2009 14:05:42 Seaborne, Andy wrote:
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> <kjetil> folks, please have a glance at the F&R now:
> <kjetil> it is pretty complete
> with what we have now
> <kjetil> a few issues, and I haven't written a lot about HTTP Updates yet
> <kjetil> I'm running off to lunch now, will continue working on it after
> lunch ------
> Initial comments based on a single, hurried pass over the working draft:

Right, I was just about to post my own TODOs, but awaited comments from Alex, 
but I'll post them in a minute.

> Could we manage the text for the doc on the wiki?

Yes, we will do that, but we need a bit of process around that to make it 

I'll just respond to the straightforward stuff first.

> Need a summary/overview with the list of features.  This is probably more
> important than the details.


> 2.2.3: ARQ syntax is wrong.
> It's {} not ()

OK, fixed.

> 2.4: Project expressions
> "Being able to project expressions from result bindings, rather than
> literal values in the store." ==>
> "Being able to return the values of expressions over result bindings,
> rather than just RDF terms in the store."

OK, adopted.

> This is not true (it may be likely to be the outcome but it isn't true on
> it's own at the moment): "This feature is necessary for projecting the
> results of aggregate functions."

OK, commented out.

> 2.4.3:
> "though that might be unparseable or something along the lines of"
> Drifting into discussion?

Yeah, I don't like this myself. We should also have a review to ensure that we 
only have existing implementations here, and it this sounds like speculation.

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