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Steve Harris wrote:
> On 1 May 2009, at 08:59, Ivan Herman wrote:
>> It is not clear to me (lack of my technical knowledge!) whether Bijan's
>> SPARQL/OWL proposal covers both semantics of OWL or not. OWL DL is, in
>> many respect, a loose sub thing to OWL Full, so it might, but we have to
>> be very explicit (at charter time, too!). So it would be good to put my
>> mind at ease:-) How would we handle the others like RDFS?
> I'm not really hot on the logical underpinnings, but I don't remember
> running into any substantial problems when applying SPARQL over RDFS.
> There are some questions around how you handle certain queries that
> theoretically have infinite solutions, but there are pragmatic
> workarounds for those. I'm confident that whatever solution SPARQL/OWL
> proposes here will be applicable to SPARQL/RDFS.

And that is what my intuition also tells me! But I would still prefer
some reassuring words from Bijan:-)

We also have to be very careful on the 'packaging' of these, and make it
very clear from the start that we try to cover the whole palette of


>> I presume service descriptions play an important role here.
> I would imagine so.
> - Steve


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