RE: SPARQL WG agenda, Tues. June 2, 2009

>      * rdf:PlainLiteral (née rdf:text) update (AndyS & Axel)

Can we do this last so as not to take time out of the update item?
>      * SPARQL/Update
>            o Summary of potential work directions
>                  + Update language
>                        # with/without WHERE
>                  + Protocol
>                        # Update language over HTTP
>                        # Direct RDF over HTTP

+ an abstract framework with realisation in protocol and syntax (in fact, to me, that's "language" but I think it has not been the common usage in the discussions so far).

In it's favour, is that the end spec will need some formal framework for defining the effect of update actions.  

>            o Suggestions for phasing/modularizing work?
>            o Proposals for scoping work?


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