How to do the SPARQL WG minutes

I thought I had sent something like this out at some point, but can't 
find it now.

I'm also not sure who has permissions to do this and who might not.

1) - Choose "SPARQL Working 
Group", click "Use this Group"

2) Make sure RRSAgent URL is for the correct date. It defaults to the 
current date. Click "Copy IRC Log"

3) Follow resulting link ("here") to a wiki page.

4) Clean up the wiki notes. This involves:

  4a) global substitution if ivan for ivanh to avoid ambiguity with 
iv_an_ru . We have 2 Simon's now, so we'll have to be diligent in using 
SimonS and SimonKJ as well.

  4b) addition of a "Present:" line near the top of the file directly 
below the "<pre><nowiki>" line. This should look like:

   <LeeF> Present: Lee, ivanh, iv_an_ru, bglimm, chimezie, Kjetil, 
AxelPolleres, Andy, Steve, LukeWM, kasei, pgearon, SimonKJ, Prateek, John

It can be a mix of IRC nicks, first, and last names. lists the names and 
nicks (in parens) that the scribe magic knows about.

   4c) Substitutions. I've been doing s/// by hand, since the minute 
magic hasn't been doing it for some reason.

   4d) I sometimes add and move around topic: lines to organize the 
minutes. These lines look like:

   <LeeF> topic: The Topic

It doesn't matter (AFAICT) who you attribute these lines to.

   4e) The minute magic is a bit picky about lines that start:


where "Foo" is not a participant in the group. It allows some (ACTION:, 
ISSUE:, Agenda:, Chair:, Scribenick:), but not everything I'd want. Some 
of the ones that usually need to be fixed up (by prepending a space 
character) are:

   xsd:string (etc.)

   4f) I often remove extraneous comments and interactions with Zakim 
and the other bots to make things easier to read.

   4g) As I do a pass over the minutes, I try to cleanup typos, clear 
mis-statements, etc. If I'm not 100% sure of something, though, I leave 
things as is.

   4h) I sometimes take out excessive joking around, and sometimes leave 
it in. Depends on what mood I'm in.

   4i) Remove everything from Adjournment until the line that starts "# 

5) Once it's been cleaned up, update the wiki page. (I clean up in a 
text editor and then paste into the wiki.) Then click on "preview nicely 
formatted version"

6) On the resulting page, look for pink/red boxes. These indicate 
problems. Fix the problems, and repeat steps 5 & 6 until there are no 

7) Enter a comment and click "Save for Review/Approval"

8) Mail the resulting link to the Working Group


Received on Tuesday, 23 June 2009 15:25:57 UTC