RE: SPARQL telecon agenda for Apr 25, 2009 - 90 minutes

>      * Action/issue status - via tracker:

My outstanding action to draft something for rdf:text is done.

The LC period is minimal length and ends May 12 so we have today's telecom, F2F time (the next telecon is 12 earliest). 

Changes suggested for rdf:text:

1/ State that rdf:text MUST NOT appear in SPARQL Query Results.

2/ Use the extension mechanism of sec 12.6 (NB can lead to mixed entailment regimes in one query so potentailly leaking rdf:text from one graph matching to another).  Just stopping rdf:text getting out of a matched graph seems draconian (and blocks SPARQL/OWL).

Don't know what the best thing to do about the impact on functions STR/LANG/DATATYPE.

Also the effect on deployed code that assumes a literal has either a lang tag or a datatype but not both (as SteveH notes).


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