Re: features for this week's teleconference & plan for April

Lee Feigenbaum wrote:
> Here's what I'd like to cover on Tuesday. In parentheses are the people
> that I hope will 'present' each one. Please let me know if you can or
> would rather not.
> + SPARQLX & RDF serializations of SPARQL (Bijan?)
> + Cursors (Ivan M or Orri?)
> + SPARQL/OWL (Bijan?)
> + Xproc (Lee? needs to be moved from -comments list)
> + XML Literal results (Lee? needs to be moved from -comments list)
> + ControlOfDescribeQueries (Kjetil?)
> + ParameterizedInference (Axel?)

i can do that.


> Then time permitting this week and going into next week I'd like to
> cover these query language features:
> + SurfaceSyntax (in general)
> + FunctionLIbrary (in general)
> + FullText
> + LimitPerResource
> + BasicFederatedQuery
> + Constructing containers and collections
> + ScalarExpressionsInConstruct / ScalarExpressionsInTriplePatterns
> (note, depending on other WG choices, these may be surface syntax
> possibilities)
> By my reckoning (probably not totally accurate), that will leave the
> following features not yet having been discussed on the mailing list or
> in a teleconference:
> + Control of inference
> + Cost model interface
> + OneOfGp
> + Pragmas
> + TimeoutAndResourceConstraints
> ...and the following described (to date) on the mailing list only:
> + AllNamedGraphs
> + BlankNodeRefs
> + CompositeDatasets
> Please note: I do not intend to devote any teleconference time to these
> features. If you would like the group to spend teleconference time on
> any of these, please let me know asap! If you are not keen on
> teleconference time but want the group to strongly consider one or more
> of these, please make your case on the mailing list as soon as possible.
> "Speak now or forever hold your peace," so to speak.
> That puts us at Apr. 14. At that point we plan to present an ordered
> list of our straw poll results, and to put up a web-based survey for WG
> members to indicate preference for the group's deliverables. I plan for
> this survey to be open for 2 weeks, but I'd like everyone to indicate
> preferences as early as possible. This is because I'd like to devote our
> teleconference on the 21st to discussing where we stand, trying to
> influence people, etc. By the end of our teleconference on the 28th,
> we'll reach consensus on what our deliverables will be (both required
> and optional priorities).
> This puts us right on schedule to spend our face-to-face time the week
> after beginning to dive into the details of some of our deliverables.
> Comments on this plan welcome.
> Lee

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