Re: Audience for the F&R

Yes, let's discuss this tomorrow, but here are some of my thoughts.

Kjetil Kjernsmo wrote:
> On Monday 18 May 2009 06:45:10 Lee Feigenbaum wrote:
>>      * F&R document update?
> One thing I think we should make explicit is "who is the intended audience for 
> the F&R" document. 
> I think we have had an implicit idea that the main audience are possible 
> implementers and participants to the SPARQL WG. But then we also decided to 
> maintain the document as the actual syntax evolves during the next WGs work 
> if possible, to create a didactic aid for people who want to understand 

I don't think we should view it as a primer/teaching device. The purpose 
of maintaining the document with actual syntax (as I see it) is rather 
to *avoid* having the document stay up in Web space with 'stale' syntax 
examples. (i.e. if we reference examples of features as they are today 
in Glitter, and then the specification produces a different syntax, I 
think it's important that the F&R document not live on in Web space with 
a syntax different from the standard one.) So, I'd focus on aiming the 
document at your first audience - implementors and people potentially 
interested in being involved (either from the inside or outside) with 
the work of the SPARQL WG.

> Moreover, since the group will be recharted based on the F&R, we must expect 
> it will receive some scrutiny from AC reps, possibly of AC reps who are not 
> particularly enthusiastic about the Semantic Web. 

I expect that the new charter will lift some, but not a lot, of text 
from F&R, so I would not worry too much about this.


> Thus, we have three different audiences, at least, with different needs. I 
> feel it is important to have a clear idea of my audience when editing the 
> document. Perhaps this is a teleconf agenda item?
> Kind regards 
> Kjetil Kjernsmo

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