Re: [snip] subqueries and datasets

On 8 May 2009, at 17:48, Lee Feigenbaum wrote:

> Bijan Parsia wrote:
>> On 8 May 2009, at 16:02, Seaborne, Andy wrote:
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>>>> Subject: [ISSUE-8] subqueries and datasets
>>>> (Not sure if the email tag identifying the issue is useful. What  
>>>> do you
>>>> think?)
>>> A link at the top of the message is more valuable to me than the  
>>> tag in the form ISSUE-number.
>> The cool thing about using issue and action tags/mentions is that  
>> tracker keeps track of them:
>> I found this very handy in the OWL WG.
> whoa, awesome.
> does it handle any other syntax or did i just semi-accidentally  
> stumble on the right way of doing it?

Ya got lucky, punk :)

(Short answer: It doesn't have to be in the subject, the word ISSUE or  
ACTION has to be capitalized, and the form is (ISSUE|ACTION)-[0-9]+


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