Straw schema for the Algebra

I did a very quick sketch[1] of an XML syntax for the algebra. It  
doesn't yet contain filters and is *really* preliminary. But I thought  
I'd send it. I hope to have time to work on it next week.

Some adjustments to the grammar and terminology would make it easier  
to align this directly with the spec (a la the way OWL/XML aligns with  
the structural specification).

I intend one for the surface syntax as well.

I probably can't make todays telecon. I'll try to arrange my teaching  
next week to be there, but it may not be possible. There is one more  
class after next week then I'm considerably freer on Tues. ;)

I'd be surprised if it were a full person week to define a tight  
schema for the language, algebra, and mapping to the more human  
oriented syntaxes as well as the compilation from the language to the  

I like supporting both for all the reasons I've said before:
	1) Use the XML toolchain for writing and manipulating queries
	2) Removes a barrier for some users for whom if it's not XML it ain't  
getting in (I have such users, fwiw)
	3) Supports a commonly understandable abstract model as well as a  
slight less abstract model but still above the concrete syntax


[1] Really. I spent like an hour in a coffee shop on it :)

Received on Tuesday, 21 April 2009 09:16:25 UTC