Re: Parameterized Inference - starting mail discussion

On 8 Apr 2009, at 16:01, Axel Polleres wrote:
> 1) USING RULESET is closely related to the OWL inference discussed  
> yesterday, but simpler. Instead of specifying an entailment regime  
> for one of the OWL dialects, the idea is to allow a very pragmatic  
> reference to a ruleset specifying a finite set of RDF inference  
> rules being expected to be evaluated on the query. The suggestion  
> here is to be able to either refer to some fixed rulesets which we  
> endorse with some public identifier, e.g.

I get very nervous whenever anyone (including me) says thing X is  
simpler than thing Y. Simplicity is largely dependent on context and  

 From my p.o.v. the OWL inference thing discussed yesterday is a very  
straightforward concept (though probably difficult to implement),  
whereas this is significantly more complex.

The stuff around FROM NAMED is particularly concerning, and affects  
general inference on the language. I think that's worth a separate  
discussion on it's own.

- Steve

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