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[ISSUE-60] Will a recipient know if it itself is a 1st or 3rd party?

[ISSUE-81, ACTION-13] Response Header Format

Action 13 - Mandatory Server Response

Action 8 - Proposal for a DNT definition for 3rd Parties

Agenda for 2011-10-04 TPWG call

Agenda for 2011-10-05 TPWG call

Agenda for 2011-10-12 DNT Workgroup Meeting

Agenda for Wednesday 2011-10-26 DNT Team Call

agenda for wednesday call

Agenda: Tracking Protection WG Meeting 2011-10-31 & 11-01

building consensus

Call for Experts: How can a site determine whether it is 1st or 3rd party?

Call for Experts: How can a site determine whether it is 1st or 3rd party? [ISSUE-60]

Call-in for Tracking Protection second face-to-face

Can we close ISSUE-42? I believe it to be largely superseded by ISSUE-43

Comments on tracking-compliance.html

current state of tracking preference expression spec

Definitions: 1st vs 3rd Party [ISSUE-10,ISSUE-14]

DISCUSSION: Selective Opt-in (chapter 5 of editors draft) [ISSUE-42, ISSUE-27, ISSUE-46]

DNT and search revenues

Does DNT apply only to 3rd parties, and cross-site tracking?

Draft Language on Interaction with Third-Party Content

editor's draft for Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)

exclude comma from DNT extension syntax

first parties

From Shane

Frozen Compliance doc

frozen version of TPE spec for Santa Clara meeting

Fwd: Action 9 - Proposal for a DNT definition for 1st Parties

Fwd: Daylight Savings Time change

Fwd: Hotel Update--Re: W3C Meeting: TPAC2011 - please register and book hotel

Fwd: Re: Propose to drop from the strawman: requirement for privacy policy disclosure

Fwd: TPAC updates (name tags, t-shirts, lunch BOF tables)

FYI: TPAC discount registration extended through Friday, 21 October

Input for TPE Discussion: Issue cleanup

ISSUE 17: Data use by 1st Party

Issue 5 and First and Third parties


ISSUE-5: What is the definition of tracking?

ISSUE-84: Do we need a JavaScript API / DOM property for client-side js access to Do Not Track status?

ISSUE-89: Does DNT mean at a high level: (a) no customization, users are seen for the first time, every time. (b) DNT is about data moving between sites.

ISSUE-91: Might want prohibitions on first parties re-selling data to get around the intent of DNT

ISSUE-92: If data collection (even very specific with IP address, user agent, referrer) is time-limited, with very limited retention, is that still tracking?

ISSUE-95: May an institution or network provider set a tracking preference for a user?

ISSUE-96: The doNotTrack attribute should mirror the value of the header (potentially empty, extensions, etc.)

ISSUE-97: Re-direction, shortened URLs, click analytics -- what kind of tracking is this?

Next steps

No DNT Call on 2011-11-02

Participation and f2f registration

Propose to drop from the strawman: ISSUE-93

Propose to drop from the strawman: requirement for privacy policy disclosure

Proposed definition of 1st parties

Proposed First Party definition

Proposed language for first-party websites

Proposed language for third-party outsourcing

Registration for Santa Clara


Response Headers [ISSUE-47,ISSUE-48,ISSUE-51,ISSUE-76,ISSUE-79,ISSUE-80,ISSUE-81,ISSUE-87]

Straw poll: dinner Monday 31 October

Strawman compliance spec

Strawman documents, Santa Clara agenda, and the FPWD

Summary of compliance issues raised

Summary of First Party vs. Third Party Tests

Summary of Options for 1P Learning of 3P DNT Status

Summary of progress on Issue 59

TPE Document S3

TPE Document, S2.3 P1

tracking-ISSUE-81: Do we need a response at all from server?

tracking-ISSUE-90 (caching): Interaction of DNT with caching and intermediaries [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-93: Should 1st parties be able to degrade a user experience or charge money for content based on DNT? [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-94: Is "Do Not Track" the right name to use? [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

Web Tracking: Facts on the Ground

Well-known URI vs response headers? [ISSUE-81, ISSUE-47, ISSUE-80]

Working Group calendar

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