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Strawman documents, Santa Clara agenda, and the FPWD

From: Aleecia M. McDonald <aleecia@aleecia.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 13:14:08 -0700
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I want to make sure everyone is clear on the very busy week and a half we are all about to have. This is one of those times that will emphasize the "working" part of Working Group.

	- Tonight, editors will send copies of their strawman documents for the Tracking Compliance and Tracking Preference Expression deliverables. Please read these. They are starting points for discussion, and will give you a good sense of the structure for the documents and the decisions we have ahead of us. 
	- Wednesday call, chaired by Matthias, we will discuss these documents and start to go through any issues you have. 
	- On the mailing list, please also raise anything that you are not comfortable with. Note that in many places there are just bare issues listed. It does not mean that we will accept the premise of the issue, it means that it is something we will discuss and resolve (so "should we think about XYZ?" could be resolved as "No, we should not.") In some places in the strawman documents there are multiple options to consider. We do not need to resolve those issues, just calling out ways we might do so. Basically: are we all addressing the right things in a sensible structure? 
	- The editors will make changes to the strawman drafts based on your feedback, up to Thursday at 10:30 am pacific / 1:30 pm eastern -- so, 24 hours after the group call on Wednesday. The editors will have changes done by Friday morning so people can discuss with colleagues and also carefully read documents on their flights to Santa Clara.
	- Feel free to continue the discussion on the mailing list. We will continue in person in Santa Clara, so talking things out on the mailing list is useful even though the strawman document will be frozen. 

To repeat what is in the agenda and what we have discussed on calls, and make sure this is also very clear:
	- Monday 31 October in Santa Clara, we jump right into reviewing the two strawman documents, back-to-back. Our goal: find and fix any sections that are blocking us from releasing these documents as our First Public Working Drafts. To be clear, the FPWDs will be early drafts, as the name implies. This will be our first group publication of where we are starting. We may receive outside feedback on these documents. We will continue to add new issues to the list we have captured now, but the FPWD is a snapshot of where we are starting.
	- The rest of Monday we will spend working through additional issues that seem best discussed in person for the Tracking Compliance document. Based on discussions around the strawman documents and past discussions, I will go through the raised issues against the Tracking Compliance document and change status to "open" for those I think are the best candidates to work through in Santa Clara by the end of this week. Matthias will manage "open" status for the Tracking Preference Expression document. 
	- Tuesday we will return to discussion of our third possible deliverable, Tracking Selection Lists (TPLs,) with the goal of reaching a decision on how to proceed. As everyone who was at this session in Boston no doubt recalls, this was a hot topic with some in favor of standardizing Tracking Selections Lists and some thinking it is not something W3C should take on. Particularly if you are new, you may want to discuss this internally and review the minutes from the last session of the Boston meeting prior to coming to Santa Clara, in order to be fully prepared for the group discussion.
	- The rest of Tuesday we will discuss additional issues that seem best discussed in person for the Tracking Preference Expression document.

We will have some minor timing changes to the agenda, based on which time slot we get for lunch and details of when coffee will be set up for breaks. The basics of what is outlined above will not change (for example, the Tracking Selection List discussion will be on Tuesday, it just may need to move by half an hour, something along those lines.) We will post updates as soon as we know all details. I am also working on a dinner reservation for Monday night for an entirely optional self-hosted dinner; details to follow.

I look forward to very productive series of discussions, and look forward to seeing many of you a week from now in Santa Clara. 

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