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agenda for wednesday call

From: Aleecia M. McDonald <aleecia@aleecia.com>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 23:16:19 -0400
Message-Id: <DC831A0A-BF92-45D2-9352-7978B9C103AB@aleecia.com>
To: Tracking Protection Working Group WG <public-tracking@w3.org>
My apologies for sending this out late. I expect we will send the complete agenda for the Santa Clara meeting to the mailing list tomorrow.


1. Selection of scribe

2. Any comments on minutes from the last call:

3. Discussion of strawman drafts and Santa Clara meeting

Old business

4.  Review of action items:  http://www.w3.org/2011/tracking-protection/track/

New business: Tracking Preferences Compliance and Definitions

Chair:   Aleecia
Editors: Justin, Sean, Heather, Erica
Rather than getting closure on some issues that seem to be close to
consensus, we are going to continue on to look at a broader range of
issues so we have some alternatives in the strawman draft. 

Specifically, we have focused heavily on first parties and not
discussed third parties much. Today we will give some time to how
third parties will be affected by DNT. 

5.  When a known-to-be third-party gets a DNT signal, what must it do?

      ISSUE-19: Data collection / Data use (3rd party)

      ISSUE-59: Should the first party be informed about whether the
      user has sent a DNT header to third parties on their site?

And if time we will get into more detail on a topic we've seen a
little bit about on the mailing list:

      ISSUE-88: different rules for impression of and interaction with
      3rd-party ads/content

      ISSUE-26: Providing data to 3rd-party widgets -- does that imply
6. Announce next meeting & Adjourn

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