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Input for TPE Discussion: Issue cleanup

From: Matthias Schunter <mts@zurich.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 17:28:54 +0200
Message-ID: <4EA82736.6070908@zurich.ibm.com>
To: "public-tracking@w3.org" <public-tracking@w3.org>
Hi Team,

based on Roy's draft, I would like to perform some cleanup on our
issues list. Let's discuss in our call whether these changes are OK
with you.

PROCEDURE: During the call, I'd like to walk through the document and
discuss what to do with the containued issues. The enclosed list
contains my proposals on what to do with some of these issues.



= We do not address these issues in this version of TPE

ISSUE-13: What are the requirements for DNT on apps/native software in
addition to browsers?

= there is proposed text in the current draft

ISSUE-82: Should the DNT header be extensible with additional parameters?
  - YES: String after 0/1 value in request header

ISSUE-78: What is the difference between absence of DNT header and DNT
= 0?
  - DNT=0 means that a user EXPRESSED that tracking is OK.
  - Absence means that no preference is known to the user agent

""ISSUE-70: Does a past HTTP request with DNT set affect future HTTP
requests? ""


""ISSUE-50: Are DNT headers sent to first parties? ""


Out of scope
= We choose not to address these issues in our spec

ISSUE-64: How does preference management work with DNT
ISSUE-68: Should there be functionality for syncing preferences about
tracking across different browsers?
ISSUE-40: Enable Do Not Track just for a session, rather than being stored
ISSUE-42: Feedback to the user from the browser when Do Not Track is
turned on

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