frozen version of TPE spec for Santa Clara meeting

I have made some final edits and frozen a version of the
Tracking Preferences Expression (DNT) spec for review prior
to the meeting on Monday-Tuesday.

Please try to keep in mind, when reviewing, that the goal of FPWG
is just to decide that the working group wants to make the draft public.
It is not supposed to be finished, by a long shot.  It is mostly
just a check for document scope (i.e., is this what we want to work
on in the future?) and to ensure that the editor hasn't gone nuts
(i.e., made nasty remarks about someone or some company in the draft).
In fact, the primary reason for FPWG is to give WG participants an
initial scope in which to check for patents that have to be declared
as applicable, which shouldn't be an issue for this WG.

With that in mind, focus on identifying parts of the document that
(for some reason I can't fathom at the moment) you don't want the
W3C to publish even though it's just in draft form.

Please feel free to send comments to the mailing list before the
meeting, particularly if they include suggestions for text.

Since the IETF deadlines are also Monday, I probably won't be able
to work on the editor's draft again until then.


Roy T. Fielding                     <>
Principal Scientist, Adobe Systems  <>

Received on Friday, 28 October 2011 09:58:59 UTC