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[Minutes] MLW-LT call 2013-04-30 Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 30 April)

[ANN] Call for Papers - Workshop on "NLP & DBpedia" at ISWC 2013 - Deadline July 8th Sebastian Hellmann (Tuesday, 30 April)

Potential adoption of its-ta-ident-ref Felix Sasaki (Monday, 29 April)

[All] Bled f2f objectives list, WG call this week Tuesday 30 April, noon UTC Felix Sasaki (Monday, 29 April)

Fwd: 30-day Public Review for XLIFF V2.0 Felix Sasaki (Sunday, 28 April)

UL Current list of issues Philip (Friday, 26 April)

Explanation of relation between HTML and ITS 2.0 Felix Sasaki (Friday, 26 April)

[ACTION 496] Allowed Characters regex Yves Savourel (Thursday, 25 April)

[ACTION 496] Allowed Characters regex... Yves Savourel (Thursday, 25 April)

HTML 5 Defaults Leroy Finn (Thursday, 25 April)

[ACTION-499]: Check normalization in XLIFF2 Yves Savourel (Wednesday, 24 April)

[Minutes] MLW-LT call 2013-04-24 and plan to move forward with spec and implementations Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 24 April)

ITS 2.0 Logo Pedro L. Díez Orzas (Wednesday, 24 April)

[Agenda] MLW-LT call 24 April noon UTC Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 23 April)

HTML5 + ITS 2.0 Validation Pablo Nieto Caride (Tuesday, 23 April)

[ISSUE-55] ITS in XLIFF - CAT tool requirements Dave Lewis (Monday, 22 April)

[all] 23:59 PDT today: last opportunity to submit speaking proposals for FEISGILTT 2013 Dr. David Filip (Friday, 19 April)

Mapping table Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 18 April)

[Minutes] MLW-LT call 2013-04-17 Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 17 April)

action-492 and action-493 Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 17 April)

Re: ISSUE-119: ITS RDF Ontology creation [MLW-LT Standard Draft] Dave Lewis (Wednesday, 17 April)

[Agenda] MLW-LT call 17 April 2013, noon UTC Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 16 April)

ACTION-480: think about what data categories need references to wikis that can be updated easily Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 16 April)

[Various implementers] implementation effort for defaults (action-486 and action-489) Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 16 April)

ACTION-483: Make edit for issue-98 (MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group) Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 16 April)

logo Phil Ritchie (Monday, 15 April)

4-5 June 2013 Phil Ritchie (Saturday, 13 April)

[ACTION-487][ISSUE-97][ISSUE--118] HTML5 Defaults Yves Savourel (Friday, 12 April)

[All] ITS2 draft out, see esp. open issues link Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 11 April)

[Minutes] MLW-LT call 2013-04-10 Felix Sasaki (Thursday, 11 April)

[Action-484] Create an ABNF based on Pablo Nieto Caride (Wednesday, 10 April)

[Agenda] MLW-LT call 10 April 2013, noon UTC Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 9 April)

Error in examples/xml/EX-its-tool-annotation-2.xml Jirka Kosek (Tuesday, 9 April)

Review of issues 100-120 Jirka Kosek (Monday, 8 April)

[Action-430] Draft text explaining importance of Unicode normalization and best practices on ISSUE-67 Pablo Nieto Caride (Monday, 8 April)

[All] ITS2 unresolved issues health check Felix Sasaki (Monday, 8 April)

RE: [Issue-67] [Action-385] Work on regex for validating regex subset proposal Pablo Nieto Caride (Monday, 8 April)

[LT-Web] Does anyone have ITS 2.0 annotated content to share (for tests)? Mārcis Pinnis (Monday, 8 April)

action-458 and action-460 (NIF changes) Felix Sasaki (Saturday, 6 April)

[Issue-67] [Action-385] Work on regex for validating regex subset proposal Pablo Nieto Caride (Thursday, 4 April)

action-474 come back to Jörg's comments Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 3 April)

[Minutes] MLW-LT call 2013-04-03 Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 3 April)

Valid HTML 5 Domain and ElementsWithinText Philip (Wednesday, 3 April)

[Agenda] DRAFT MLW-LT call 3 April, noon UTC Felix Sasaki (Wednesday, 3 April)

[All] next publication of ITS2 draft Felix Sasaki (Tuesday, 2 April)

Re: Upcoming f2f in Bled, Slovenia (May 7-8) - please confirm your attendance Tadej Stajner (Tuesday, 2 April)

Spreading the (ITS) gospel Phil Ritchie (Tuesday, 2 April)

RE: paper accepted at Open Data on the Web workshop Pedro L. Díez Orzas (Monday, 1 April)

Re: [All] Edits for [issue-68] and [ACTION-461] - Please review content on "Text Analysis" Jörg Schütz (Monday, 1 April)

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