RE: [Agenda] MLW-LT call 10 April 2013, noon UTC

Dear Felix and all,

Unfortunately, due to travel in Canada, I will be unable to take part in today's conference call.

Kind regard,

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Felix Sasaki <> wrote:Hi all,

below is an agenda for tomorrow's call.


Dial-in details


1) Review of issues 100-120
See mail from Jirka at
Goal: just FYI

2) Review of issues 70 - 92, see 
Dave, any news on these? Could you write a summary mail like Jirka, see 1) above?

3) LC issues in general
See and
Goal: health check what is missing, or if something is closed which should be open

4) Change of regex for allowed characters
Latest state: Jirka proposed to create an ABNF based on XML Schema
Which could be also used for validation via the RELAX NG schema
Goal: decide about this and find a volunteer to create ABNF + schema regex
See also related action-430 about importance of normalization

5) Ruby section
See two proposals to move forward at
and Norbert's response at
Goal: agree on this and find a volunteer to do this

6) HTML translate
See Yves' bug at
Goal: check whether everybody agrees with the bug and get back to HTML WG

7) HTML defaults
Goal: check with implementers who would implement defaults. If not all HTML implementers make a committment, we can't have defaults normatively

8) Publication of WD
See latest version at
Goal: vote for publication, including a "status of this document" section making the remaining LC issues explict and ask for feedback

9) WG topics until Bled f2f
Since most of LC issues have been closed, we can from next week until the f2f focus on the XLIFF mapping. Goal: finalize it at the Bled f2f.

10) ABO
NIF comments from Jörg, see
Goal: Agree on implementing these



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