Re: ITS 2.0 Logo

Am 26.04.13 10:16, schrieb Arle Lommel:
> I think we need to run this by people outside our group before we make 
> a decision. It may be that this is good, but we already know the 
> message it is intended to convey, so we see it a certain way, while 
> others might not. I'm a bit concerned that what Pedro mocked up (and I 
> know it is just a starting point for discussion) makes it look like 
> ITS 2.0 is modifying Multilingual Web (i.e., MultilingualWeb gets the 
> focus with ITS seen as secondary), but the logo is primarily for ITS, 
> with the MLW connection secondary. I actually think that people who 
> don't know what MultilingualWeb and ITS are will see this as this:
> “MultilingualWeb: It's 2.0!”

So let's put a hypen in:


I will reserve some time for this in Bled ;)



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