Re: [ACTION-487][ISSUE-97][ISSUE--118] HTML5 Defaults

Am 17.04.13 19:19, schrieb Jirka Kosek:
> On 17.4.2013 19:04, Felix Sasaki wrote:
>> co-chair hat on: what worries me here is timing. We have in this mail a
>> new proposal to create an HTML special purpose precedence mechanism, and
>> in the "Translate" defaults different types of defaults
> If you are worried about special precedence rules, we can keep them as
> is and just say that:
> 4. Selections via defaults for data categories.

Sorry for not being clear: I was mostly worried about the number of 
proposals and the time to discuss them.

> It's not that important if defaults will provided in the prose (as at
> or using ITS rules.
>> I'm not saying we should stop this discussion - I'm just worried about
>> ad hoc decisions.
> I think that after that long of discussions we are probably loosing
> traction of what was problem first.




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