RE: [LT-Web] Does anyone have ITS 2.0 annotated content to share (for tests)?

Dear Felix,

Thank you for your support and your remark!

Dear Partners,

Yes, sure, we plan to use any testing materials provided by partners just for testing purposes (to test TAWS the web service: At the moment we are implementing XLIFF functionality and testing others, we would be glad to reuse your advanced testing materials (described by Mārcis) if you have any.

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(Putting Karl and Clemens into the loop)

Karl, Clemens, are the press releases that contain ITS metadata and that are used in WP5 in scope for this? As I understand Mārcis, he wouldn't make these public but just wants to use them for testing. Karl, Clemens, would you be allowed to make the press releases available within the group for such purposes?



Am 08.04.13 12:18, schrieb Mārcis Pinnis:
Hi Felix, all,

We would like to ask other implementers whether they have sharable testing material (HTML5/XLIFF 1.1 or 1.2 content with ITS 2.0 metadata) in English (+ other languages).

We have already covered the TestSuite material, but the content there is rather simple (one data category, less than one paragraph of content). If someone has produced more complex content with ITS 2.0 metadata (with text of roughly one news article, Wikipedia article or more), maybe we could run the data through our annotation service?

By complex I mean:

·         Multiple languages (English + others)

·         Multiple domains

·         Pre-annotated terminology

·         Locale filters

·         Elements Within Text segments

... or any combination of the above.

Best regards,
Mārcis ;o)

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