Re: [Action-484] Create an ABNF based on

Am 17.04.13 10:28, schrieb Jirka Kosek:
> On 17.4.2013 10:14, Felix Sasaki wrote:
>>> No, we just need this for specification. For schema we can rewrite this
>>> into regex if there is strong demand for this.
>> For the record, I won't demand this - though it would be nice.
> Felix, just to explain my reluctance for regex comes from the simple
> fact that no regex is better then wrong one. Now with grammar for our
> regex subset this is no more issue - almost. For example in past there
> were some requests to allow only BMP characters in regex not full
> Unicode. It would be very hard to express this in regex for engine that
> has full Unicode coverage (which is default for xs:pattern/rng:pattern).

Thanks for the explanations, Jirka. I understand and as I said I won't 
push for the regex in the schema - having the ABNF in the spec would 
resolve the issue.

- Felix

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