RE: [ACTION-487][ISSUE-97][ISSUE--118] HTML5 Defaults

Hi Felix,

> I think it would be better to *not* to list the "indirect" 
> translatable attributes + content, and just have translatable 
> attributes, that is what you specify as "directly translatable".
> If we drop the indirect translatable attributes, processors still 
> can work with them in their non ITS2 manner. But I don't see the 
> time to clearly define the concepts "indirect vs. direct". 
> So I'd rather drop this separation and see if we get stability for 
> it in ITS2.x.
> If we add that separation now, we will have ITS2 "Translate" 
> (format agnostic), ITS2 in HTML5 "Translate" in two different manners 
> (indirect vs. direct), and "Translate in HTML5". We should try to 
> at least drop the "in two different manners" part.

It seems we somehow need to reference the constructs currently described as "indirectly translatable" because they are affected by the translate attribute.

For example, a tool using just the defaults should be able to know that, both @value and @onclick become "translatable" again in the following code when p has translate='yes' (and @type remains un-affected).

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en" translate="no">
  <meta charset="utf-8">
 <p translate="yes">Text with <input type="button" onclick="alert('Hello Felix!')" value="a button"></p>

I guess, the question is also how the ITS processors are suppose to work with HTML5+translate vs the normal ITS translate. If it doesn't take things like @onclick into account it's not really working.

Could we define two types of translatable content for HTML5? Both would be act like normal translatable items for the tests, but we would specify that a given list of construct needs to have an extra level of parsing when being processed by the user agent. that could be just a note as it wouldn't affect ITS itself.

Note that we are going to have to define some kind of exception already for Translate in HTML5 since it applies to attributes unlike for pure ITS.


Received on Tuesday, 16 April 2013 23:37:12 UTC